Moon Calendar for #DylanDay 2021

A MOON CALENDAR (IMAGES AND HAIKU) inspired by Dylan Thomas' verse "HOW TIME HAS TICKED A HEAVEN ROUND THE STARS" a verse that opens space-time horizons. Twelve Haiku and twelve Digital Collages with the names given to the moon by the early Native Americans according to "The Old Farmer's Almanac" . The passing of time is marked in succession by sundials, hourglasses, bells or clocks of different types (pendulum, cuckoo or table or wall clocks).

A comment from Dylan Thomas 100

Lidia Chiarelli, a long-time supporter of International Dylan Thomas Day, and coordinator for the #DylanDay celebrations in Italy, has made this wonderful video featuring her haikus for the #LoveTheWords poetry share. Thank you Lidia.

Find out more about the celebrations in Italy here

Luci dal Passato

El Jardin Encantado (Versión española)

Un Cielo Nocturno  (en español)