World Poetry Proudly Presents Award Winner Lidia Chiarelli from Italy!

World Poetry Proudly Presents Award Winner Lidia Chiarelli from Italy!


Ariadne’s Notes: I am beginning to post all the award winners that have been waiting a long time to be featured. Lidia Chiarelli is a World Poetry Empowered Poet Award Winner whose peace poem was selected to be one of four chosen by a selection committee

575 gift poems have been printed and are ready to be given out starting October 1st.


Selected poem: The Polyglot Sea 


Photo by Una Bruhns, 200 gift peace poems ready to be given during the Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival, October 1-17th, after our poem rolling party at the UBC Exchange.

Lidia and with Beat Generation Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti (San Francisco 2013)

(photo by Alessandro Actis)

Lidia Chiarelli was born and raised in Turin, in northern Italy, where she studied and graduated in “English Language and Literature” at the University of Torino. For several years, she devoted herself to teaching English in secondary schools, and included “creative expression” courses in her teaching methods. She organized a unique “mail art” exhibition at Giuseppe Perotti School (Torino, 1990), which turned out to be an opportunity to become acquainted with many artists, especially with Sarah Jackson, a digital artist from Halifax, Canada. Her long distance collaboration with the Canadian artist, Jackson, and with British writer Aeronwy Thomas, (the daughter of Dylan Thomas), led her to found, with four other members, the artistic literary Movement Immagine & Poesia, which was officially presented at Alfa Teatro of Torino on Novembre 9, 2007. After visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2010, Lidia was inspired to create installations similar to Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree, but hanging not only wishes, but poems and original works of art on cards on the trees. Lidia Chiarelli’s “Poetry&Art Trees” thus began to appear in different exhibitions in Piedmont and abroad. Lidia’s passion for creative writing has motivated her to write poetry, and she became an award-winning poet in 2011, 2012 and 2014 : Premio Il Meleto di Guido Gozzano, Agliè 2011 (Segnalazione di Merito) and 2012 (Terzo Premio poesia inedita), Premio Wine in Literature, CE.PAM, Santo Stefano Belbo 2014. In June 2011 she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from The First International Poetry Festival of Swansea (U.K.) for her broadside poetry and art contribution. Her writing has been translated into English, French, Czech, Slovak (Prof. Miriam Margala) and Romanian (Dr. Olimpia Jacob) and published in Poetry Reviews and on web-sites in Italy, Great Britain, in the U.S.A. and in Romania.



Coney Island

…or a joker in a straw

putting a stickpin in his peppermint tie

and looking just like he had nowhere to go

but Coney Island…


Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Let’s go to Coney Island

today the gates are open for us

the hot August air

is laden with saltiness.

Let’s enter and forget

just for an hour

the problems and troubles of life.


A windmill

of sounds and fluorescent colours

attracts us

intoxicating magnet.


We go.

The Wonder Wheel

will take us high and higher

our eyes will caress the city

and will get lost into the blue of the ocean


We see

the carousel horses

moving in a tireless dance.


We smell

the sweet aroma of cotton candy

slowly spreading in the air.


A magic realm is waiting

to take us far

through time and space:


Today let’s go to Coney Island

and just for an hour

we will be children again.


August 3, 2012 ©


Lidia Chiarelli

Lidia Chiarelli: guest at World Poetry Cafe Canada - 2021