Artist’s statement:


Poetry, art and my life are closely interwoven.

Aeronwy Thomas’ words “Artists and poets can experiment moments of cross fertilization” have disclosed new ways and opened new routes to my creative expression: I have discovered how visual art and language can integrate successfully, how a painting can inspire a poet or how a poem can be the source of inspiration for an artist.

I have experimented how far this assertion can lead, before as a teacher with my students in my creative writing courses, then as a poet-artist myself.

Through the Web I have met artists and poets from different countries, poets and artists who share the same ideals of the Manifesto of Immagine & Poesia (our artistic-literary Movement), who believe that the inter-action of painters and writers  coming from different geographical areas and cultural backgrounds can improve the understanding and the respect of the others and who want to fight apathy and superficiality  and to support imagination, originality and research.